Call Trend Micro Number Customer Support For Better User Experience

There are different types of antivirus software available in the market including Trend Micro and Norton is the best among them. A comparison between them gets you the best protection.

Installation Process

Though installation is a one-time process, you need to consider it as well when choosing software.  In case of Norton, this process takes just five minutes to complete. Trend Micro customer support is offered 24*7 to its users. 

In case of Trend Micro, users need to answer a set of questions to launch the installation wizard. The time taken in this installation is significantly more than Norton installation. Norton has an upper hand also in case of installation of updates. Trend Micro technical support services can be accessed from remote locations easily. 

Where the installation of updates takes more time in Trend Micro, it gets completed easily in Norton. In Canada, you will find the most reliable Customer service. Contact Trend Micro Support Canada to using various modes like email, live chat and phone call. 

Uninstallation process

Though it is very quick and efficient in installation procedure, it offers a poor uninstallation process. 

The method of uninstallation is completely opposite to the uninstallation process. Professionals at Trend Micro support offer step by step instructions to solve the diverse range of issues of the user.  

Aesthetic Look

When talking about the interface and look and feel of the application, Trend Micro is far better than Norton. Norton interface is not very welcoming for beginners. Vertical and horizontal navigation happen through varying buttons and options. 

The interface of Norton can be quite confusing where in every time when a link is clicked, a new window opens up. This makes it an overwhelming interface especially for new users.

Both the antivirus software has their pros and cons. You need to figure out your requirements from the software, i.e., installation speed, appearance etc. to find out the appropriate for you. 

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